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Quality, Local Produce - Guaranteed Farm to Fork

Lylehill Farm is set among 135 acres of prime County Antrim grassland, in the townland of Kilgreel just outside Templepatrick. I have often heard our local area described as "some of the best farming land in the country" and we are lucky to share it with some great neighbours.

Lylehill Farm LambLylehill farm has been in our family for over 100 years. My great grandmother who was born and raised here owned and ran a butchers shop on the Crumlin Road, Belfast which was supplied by her family farms. 

Remaining true to our roots, we are blessed to still be rearing animals here to this day. We’ve been breeding our own livestock for as far back as we can trace which means our top quality produce is 100% traceable. Currently our livestock consists of 45 spring calving suckler cows and 130 breeding ewes. 

One of the many changes in recent years however was the introduction of the Stabiliser Cattle breed. The Stabiliser is a composite breed originally formed with Hereford, Angus, Simmental and Gelbvieh.


Stabiliser Cattle Northern Ireland
"Hailing from the planes of Nebraska these cattle are full of hybrid vigour and suited to producing sustainable, future proof beef".

The farm is also home to a small but expanding equine bloodstock business where several quality thoroughbred foals are purchased each year and nurtured through the first years of their life with a view to reselling. 

These horses give us a massive amount of interest as they progress to the next stage in their careers.

Thoroughbred Foals Northern Ireland

The Highest Standards In Everything We Do

Lylehill Farm BeefWe are proud to meet the Northern Ireland Farm Quality assured standards of food safety, animal welfare and care for the environment. When you choose our produce, you can rest assured that what you’ll get is the very best for your family.

Passion and Deep Rooted Interest

Lylehill Farm Northern IrelandAt Lylehill Farm we are so passionate about quality produce that is well cared for and as such our hobbies turned to businesses. It is a strong belief of mine that when you spend your time this way there is simply no such thing as work...and what we produce will surely reflect this.

Always striving for more, it seems each year a new project is taken on to improve ground or infrastructure. Reseeding, drainage and building sheds are all logical choices but summer 2020 seen completion of something a little different. We added a pond within a waterlogged area which is of no financial benefit to our farm, but has given something back to our local wildlife.

Giving Back To Local Wildlife
In Summer 2020 we added a large pond to the farm, giving something back to our local wildlife.